Carl and Jen
"As this was our first sale (and one we were initially hesitant about) we appreciated their candid, but supportive, advice about how we could best reach our goal, and how we could best work together to that end. In short, the message was: "You are in the driver's seat, but here is how we can help you." They then proceeded to assist us at every turn with multiple resources including stagers, loaning us items, installing the items and removing the items when we sold-as well as following up on our queries about new leads. Perhaps that is expected of your team, but they made us feel like they were a pit crew, hurriedly servicing the race car while we focused on the race."
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What are property taxes?

About property taxes

The annual property tax you pay goes to fund a number of public services, such as the schools.It’s based on what the county assessor believes is the “fair market value” of your home and the tax rate used by your municipality.

The tax rate for the cities and towns throughout Dane County, Wisconsin ranges from 12% to almost 24% of the assessed value of your home.(more info)

Your lender will likely build property tax into your monthly mortgage payments.Then, when it’s time to pay your taxes, your mortgage company will send you (or your municipality) a check to pay what you owe.

Use this formula to calculate how much your lender will add to your mortgage payment every month for property taxes.

(assessed value) x (tax rate)


monthly tax payment