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Selling on your own or with a Realtor we can help you do it right.

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Meet Robin & Wil

You’re ready to move

Ready to move out of that apartment and buy your first home.
Ready to move out of that starter house and buy some more room for your family to grow in.
Ready to move out of the house your kids grew up in and buy something a little more downsized for your empty-nest years.

You’re ready to buy or ready to sell a home

How hard could it be?
You talk to some friends.
You go to the library.
You search the internet.
You drive around neighborhoods you like.
You start making lists of things to do.

You’re looking for answers

But your list of questions keeps growing.
How long will this take?
How much will this cost?
How do I get the best deal?
Where am I going to find the time to do this right?
How do I make sure nothing falls between the cracks?
Should I get a realtor or do this on my own?
How do I know whose advice to listen to?
Where do I find some help I can trust?

And maybe you’re starting to think that this whole real estate thing is harder than it seems

The Guernsey Real Estate Group makes real estate easier

Anyone who tells you that buying or selling a home is easy is kidding himself (or trying to kid you).   Unless you do real estate all the time, doing real estate right is really hard. Even if you do real estate all the time, doing real estate right can be hard. 

Working with someone who does real estate right all the time doesn’t make the job easy, but it can make the job easier. Realtor Robin Guernsey and her team can make buying or selling a home easier, especially if this is your first time.

Whether you’re pricing a home to sell or looking for the perfect home to buy, Robin Guernsey can answer your questions, including some that you might have not even thought to ask yet. She can even answer the one about whether a realtor could help you.


Start here:

Ready to buy a home?

How did you know you were ready? 

Was it when you and your sweetheart exchanged rings? When you brought the little one home?

Was it when your landlord told you that your rent is going up again next year? Was it when you finally reached your savings goal for a down payment?

Was it when you were driving through your favorite neighborhood and saw this great house with a FOR SALE sign in the lawn? 

Learn how to buy your home

Ready to sell a home?

How did you know you were ready?

Was it when you found you have more kids than places to put them? When that last kid went off to college?

Was it when you decided it was time for a bigger garden? Fewer stairs? A change of scene? Or just a return on your investment?

Was it when you were driving through your neighborhood and saw your favorite house with a FOR SALE sign in the lawn? 

Learn how to sell your home

Madison WI Realtors at Your Service!

It’s not often in real estate that you would see a cow at the top of a Realtor’s logo. Well, for us, the Guernsey cow has special meaning and is the perfect symbol for our Madison, WI real estate business.

We are Full-time Realtors in Madison, WI and we are here to serve you!

For Home Buyers, we are here to help guide you through the home buying process. Experience tells us that the most important thing a Realtor can do for a home buyer is, quite simply, to listen.  Through listening, we will gain a meaningful understanding of what you're looking for in a home...and which services you need to make the buying experience rewarding and stress-free.

Are you a first time buyer? Click here for special tips and advice.

For Home Sellers, we will help you make good decisions on everything from determining the best asking price to negotiating the final purchase contract and closing the sale. We follow a proven Marketing Plan, customized to your needs and timeline.

Together with Stark Company Realtors, we have an outstanding track record, demonstrating growth and high performance. When you hire us, you are getting experienced and trusted advisors who intimately understand and will leverage the current market conditions in your favor. Our outgoing, friendly and compassionate personalities will relieve all of your anxiety, frustrations and fears so that you can rest easy.

We make real estate easier.You are special to us and our goals are centered on your needs. We would love to serve you with buying or selling your property in Madison, WI! We specialize in Madison homes.

Have fun checking out our site! You'll find helpful information including Madison real estate market statistics, Homes for sale in Madison and surrounding areas, Photos of Beautiful restored homes in Madison and maps of Madison neighborhoods.

Would you like to see our current listings and recent sales?


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Wil Guernsey
Stark Company Realtors
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